Custom Cabinetry & Cabinets Charlotte NC

DCI has brought together the finest custom cabinet manufacturers in Charlotte NC and the United States, to provide you a full range of options to meet your individual style and needs. We are the most trusted brand in Charlotte NC when it comes to high quality cabinets. With quality of finished product and customer service as our number one priority we are the premium provider of cabinets in North Carolina.

What sets our cabinetry apart?

  • High quality, factory baked on finishes in a controlled dust free environment
  • Fully warrantied parts and finishes on all cabinets.
  • Extensive variety of colors and materials to meet many design aesthetics and price points.
  • Layout Design included with the purchase of cabinetry.
  • DCI can also provide your appliance, countertop, tile, and plumbing needs.

Have a project or an idea you’d like to collaborate with us on?

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